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frequently asked questions

it says anonymous, how do I stay anonymous?

Anonymity is our middle name!

You may be able to see which questions you have answered, and what your answer was to those questions, But nobody else can.  Your opinion is never linked to you as nobody else can see who has voted, they can only see an overall percentage.

why am I asked for my details?

Overall percentages are very useful when asking the world. However, what is better is when you have context.

Some questions are asked but only a small demographic's responses are interesting to those who ask it.  In such a case, they can filter down the responses to the demographic they wanted.

Having this extra information in your account will be useful to those whos questions you answer but don't wory if you don't want to tell us the answers.  If you don't want to tell us your birth date or how tall you are, then you don't have to.

Planet Jar is FREE to use. The site is supported by advertising and Free users of the site will never be charged. It will be possible to upgrade your account for a fee which will allow you to ask multiple choice questions and poll surveys.