the basics

the post

Click on 'The Post' tab to see this.  Fill in the form to post a new question to the website. Click the 'Help me write my question' link to follow a step-by-step walkthrough to write your question.

the drop

Want to answer some new questions, or interested in seeing what other people have asked?

Click on 'The Drop' to see this. Planet Jar will pick a question for you to answer at the top of the page. If you don't like this question then you can view questions by category within the Planet Jar or click on one of the 'The Latest Posts' or 'Most Popular Posts' .

the jar

Want to see the answers to questions that you have already answered, or see the answers to questions you have posted real-time?

Click on 'My Jar' to see this. This is your custom jar where you can keep tabs on posts you are watching. The user will also be able to view their own statistics relating to; the number of post, drops, liked comments swing votes, favourite category posted against, favourite category dropped against etc.

PlanetJar Loaded users will have further functionality enabling a fully bespoke dashboard, enhanced filtering and pinning of posts, 24hour real-time international post filtering with global representations, timeline interrogation, full international demographic filter options, drop meter, set a post time frame etc.


Want to share a question with your friends on popular social media platforms?

When viewing any Jar, you can 'Flick' the question onto lots of platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Just hover over or click on the 'Flick This Question' button next the graph.

Planet Jar is Free to use.

Planet Jar is FREE to use. The site is supported by advertising and Free users of the site will never be charged. It is free to post against any of the posts, even if they have been created by a loaded customer. It will be possible to upgrade your account for a fee which will allow you to create and post; multiple choice questions, poll surveys, image posts and petitions, as well as enhanced filtering and pining options to further enhance functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will PlanetJar ever charge for the service?
No. The standard service is free to use for everyone. *Whilst the loaded and loaded Plus versions of PlanetJar are under construction some of their features and functions may be available to the user for free until such time the modules are complete and fully functional. There still will be no additional charge for this service.

Do advertisers have access to my personal information?
Absolutely not.

Does PlanetJar sell my information?
Are you crazy? No.

Can people tell that I have commented or dropped against their post or see my identity?
No. You are completely anonymous to everyone.  That would go completely against the PlanetJar ethic.

What does PlanetJar do to protect my information?
All the data on PlanetJar is kept on a secure server. Of which it is encrypted and there are several measures to ensure that the data cannot be hacked or abused in anyway and remains completely safe and anonymous.

Can I pick and choose which information I would like to entre within my detail?
Of course. This constitutes our "give to receive ethic". Everyone plays by the same rules. The more detail you enter in your profile the move options you have to search by. This information will not be shared and still remains completely anonymous. It is only to help refining filtering and enhance your experience.

What are 'PlanetJar Loaded' and 'PlanetJar Loaded Plus'?
There are two enhanced versions of the free standard version (currently under construction) allowing users to review results statically and to pin posts together to enrich their statistical review or a market. Marketing and advertising companies may choose to use these versions however this is not to gain access to the user's personal information but purely to obtain market research statistics. The user is always anonymous and their personal information safe.

How does PlanetJar make its money?
Through on-page advertising, through the Loaded and Loaded Plus version and via white label versions of Planetjar.

Posting a standard question

Post a question asking yes or no, agree or disagree or like or dislike to guage a crowd sourced opinion to you question.
View the result as a simple pie chart showing the percentage of votes and including thos who have change their mind and 'swung' their vote. Use the comments forum at the bottom to see your repondents comments and views.

Posting a multiple choice question

For more complex questions, post a multiple choice question. You need to upgrade to PlanetJar Loaded to activate this feature and post multiple choice questions. Use the comments forum at the bottom to see your repondents comments and views.

Posting a petition with supporting documents

Post an onlne petition, write some supporting text to make your case and upload a single image or PDF of supporting documents

The Give to Receive Ethic

In a nutshell, your question will need your answer or vote before you can expect others to pass a vote. Conversely, no user can view the results of a Jar without they themselves dropping a vote to the post.

O To put up a post the user will have to drop against it.
O To view a post the user will have to drop against it
O To comment or view a comment on a post the user would have had to have dropped against that post
O To swing vote the user will have to pass a comment for the reason for their change of heart.
O To filter results within the jar, the user will have had to have completed the corresponding fields in their profile.

And so on.

Enter as much or as little information about you as you would like in the Planet Jar profile section.  It’s all confidential and will only be used to refine filters and pinning options within PlanetJar making your post more effective for you. The control is always yours.

You may choose not to even select your gender of enter your date of birth. This will mean that you cannot filter by either of these profile settings. “So what!” I hear you say. Well you may want to post a question that is only relevant if put into context with those two profile settings. For example you may want to enter the post below:

Those of you who have read Fifty Shades of Grey?

Not a problem in its self, however if you are only interested in how many men have read Fifty Shades of Grey that are aged 45 to 65 and you haven’t completed these fields in your profile you won’t be able to get the exact answer to your question.

Of course all your profile information is confidential, You still have complete anonymity and with this anonymity there is no need for anything else but honesty.

Make sure you construct your question correctly to obtain the exact answer you need or just follow the wizard.